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While company Co-Founders Jake and Lachlan Johnson are still considered young entrepreneurs at ages 17 and 21, they are no strangers to the world of business. Though they do admit to bickering as any siblings do, they’re the first to agree that at the end of the day, there’s nothing better than working with family!

Launching their first company, Flipoutz LLC, with the help of their parents in 2007, the young Johnsons appeared on Season 2 of NBC’s hit series Shark Tank where they made a deal with 3 of the 5 venture capitalists. After making their exit and selling Flipoutz LLC in 2013, the siblings are re-entering the entrepreneurial scene with their latest business venture, Beaux Up™, and this time they’re determined to do it all themselves!LachlanJohnsonSenior

Proving the testament that age does not define influence, co-owner Jake Johnson won Warren Buffet’s “Grow Your Own Business” competition in May 2014, and was granted generous start up capital after spending a day with Mr. Buffett himself! While Jake attends Woodlawn School in North Carolina, Lachlan is a college senior at Saint Louis University studying Entrepreneurship in the beautiful John Cook School of Business. Both Lachlan and Jake Johnson are members of Independent Youth’s Teen Entrepreneurship Network, a panel of 19 specially selected young entrepreneurs who embark on a national speaking tour each year to introduce high school students to the joys of small business. In speaking to thousands of students in their target market each year, the Johnsons have made it their mission to provide every man the opportunity to look dapper, feel invincible, and most importantly, learn to tie his bow tie.