How it Works


The classic self-tie bow tie is coming back in a big way, but no man wants to look like his granddad when wearing one! He wants
to look young, hip, stylish, and still express his own personal style. Beaux Up™ offers an innovative, edgy, patent pending option for creating a completely customizable bow tie experience, and is becoming the next big thing in expressive dressing for men. Beaux Up™ sells bow tie halves, which are interchanged on a unique clip. Simply select any two halves, connect them on the clip which slips beneath your shirt collar, and tie as you normally would. The first selected half becomes the bow, and the second half becomes the center knot and back bow. Combine two different colors or patterns for a unique and edgy look, or simply wear two of the same half to appear more traditional. We’re putting you in control, letting you mix and match any two halves from the collection to create a bow tie all your own!